Mission Statement

SAY San Diego’s mission is to partner with youth, adults, families, and communities to reach their full potential. Our vision is opportunity, equity and well-being for all San Diegans.

Message from Our CEO and Board President

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Dear Friends,

2018-2019 was a year of significant growth and change for SAY San Diego! We leaned forward to innovate and build upon long-time efforts and to expand into new areas – all aimed at meeting unmet needs in our community. New efforts brought new partnerships, greater creativity and increasing impact, such as the following and much more:

  • In-depth exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math learning (also known as STEAM) does not always reach children in under-resourced communities. This past year, SAY strengthened its STEAM curricula for all ages, built durable STEAM partnerships with San Diego schools’ extended learning programs, and won a prestigious national PwC grant and volunteer partnership to focus on STEAM where it is most needed. In recognition of SAY’s expanding efforts, we received the 2019 STEAM Hub Award from the San Diego County Office of Education!
  • For several years, in partnership with the County Probation Department, SAY has provided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for justice involved adults to help them to find confident footing on a new path in life. As a result, in 2018, SAY was tapped by the County District Attorney’s Office to provide similar services for a new countywide adult-focused Community Justice Initiative, designed as an alternative to further court involvement.
  • Since 2014, SAY’s Bridge Fund has closed family financial gaps before they become insurmountable. This past year, in response to identified client needs, SAY increased this valuable program 5-fold with the support of private donors. This meant we could offer even more financial assistance to families struggling with poverty and potentially catastrophic unexpected challenges, including acute health issues, rent, utilities, food, childcare, baby items, educational needs, transportation, and other urgent needs.

None of SAY San Diego’s work is possible without you! Every year, we are deeply grateful to all who believe in us and who invest in our vision of a brighter future of ever-expanding opportunity, equity and well-being for all San Diego County residents. Many heartfelt thanks to our entire team of talented staff members and volunteers, the hundreds of local partner agencies we hold dear, our amazing clients and program participants, and every generous grant maker and donor.

To all of you, we offer this report of progress and hope.

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Nancy Gannon Hornberger
Chief Executive Officer

LaDreda P. Lewis
Board President

Child & Youth Development

2019 Highlights

"SAY San Diego is a family member to me. This is where our kids go to learn, to play, to be loved by the staff, and to have a good time. I need this program like a heartbeat. I don't know what I would do without SAY." Andrea, military spouse with 2 kids in SAY's PrimeTime program

Building a Strong Foundation

100% of SAY San Diego's preschool parents polled believe their child is safe and happy in SAY's care.

The first few years of a child’s life are critical to future success. SAY San Diego is dedicated to providing children and parents with the tools they need to grow and thrive.

Youth Enrichment 3
Youth Enrichment

"My mind is at ease, knowing that my daughter is safe on campus and well-cared for by teachers who are warm and comforting." - Ann, mom with a daughter in SAY's Before and After school program

SAY’s before and after school programs provide students with unique enrichment activities including STEAM curriculum which help active youth focus their energies on creativity.

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Empowering the Next Generation

A lot of kids just stand on the sidelines, but taking an active role gives you a passion and a driving force. - Jack, Club ELEVATED youth

Whether educating youth and parents about the dangers of substance abuse, serving as a peer juror, or mentoring incoming freshmen, SAY San Diego empowers teen leaders to effect change.

Youth, Adult, & Family Wellness

2019 Highlights

"I'm a grandmother raising my seven-year-old granddaughter and I had to relearn everything. SAY San Diego gives you the support and tools you need. It wasn't what I expected... it was so much better" - Dannette, Project KEEP program participant

Therapeutic Communication Support

“People make mistakes and with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we talk about the mistake, and doing ‘choice and consequence’ the next time this issue could come up. We want to make sure our clients have the skills and techniques to get them through and help them move forward.” – Laura Soto, SAY senior program director

SAY San Diego’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program works with justice-involved adults to promote positive lifestyle changes and healthy futures.


Helping Youth Stay on Track

"I've seen many people my age involved with the justice system. Teen Court is so important because it gives youth the opportunity to correct a bad decision, redirect their life, and be successful." - Anusha, Teen Court student volunteer

SAY San Diego works closely with San Diego County Probation on a variety of prevention and diversion programs aimed at providing youth and families with needed tools to move beyond risky behaviors. Additionally, SAY provides in-school and at-home mental health counseling programs for youth ages 5 to 17.

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Safe, Healthy, Thriving Families

"The whole class in general made a positive difference in our lives. We practice regularly and are encouraged to continue lessons learned." – Project KEEP client 

SAY San Diego provides a full spectrum of services that assist all families including single and two-parent families, kinship, and foster families. SAY strengthens families through programs that promote positive parenting and healthy family relationships.


Community Engagement

2019 Highlights

"I was connected to SAY San Diego through Project AWARE. SAY helped me realize that gangs and drugs are not the only path. I was able to better my life and became the first person in my family to graduate high school." - Austin, program participant

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Support for Military Families

“I was raised in the Philippines and moved here three years ago with my active duty husband. I had to learn to accept help from others. I am grateful to SAY San Diego for connecting me to resources, serving as my support system, and helping me acclimate to life in the United States.”Maureen, military wife

SAY San Diego's Military Family Resource Center (MFRC), located in Murphy Canyon, which has one of the largest collections of off-base US military populations in the world, serves active duty, transitioning, and veteran military personnel and their families.

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Helping new arrivals overcome obstacles

“I love this area and can resonate with the population. I tell students regardless of what you are going through now, you are going to be ok. I'm happy to be there for students who want to be heard.”Angie, Crawford Community Connection case manager and former SAY youth leader

Crawford Community Connection (CCC) partners with diverse community programs to serve students and their families in Mid City, including a large population of immigrants and refugees, by linking them to the resources and services they need.

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Building Stronger Communities

“SAY's doors are always open. They do such a great job of bringing everyone together to clean up our neighborhoods and improve our community.”Maria, City Heights resident and community activist

SAY believes that residents and communities have the power to advocate before policy makers and community leaders to create positive change. SAY provides services at six resource centers and convenes seven community coalitions and collaboratives, meeting the needs of diverse communities including City Heights, Southeastern San Diego, and Murphy Canyon.

Get Involved

2019 Highlights

"We recently had our first child, and becoming parents made us realize more than ever how important SAY San Diego is to the community. SAY has so many programs to help children and families, but I especially love their commitment to early childhood learning for all."
-SAY donor and volunteer

Corporate Partnerships

We are grateful to our corporate partners who support us with wonderful fundraising events, in-kind donation drives, and by sharing their time and talents.

In 2018-2019 SAY received critical support from corporate partners including the Cohn Restaurant Group, PwC, Farmers Insurance, Nixon, Otter Products, and PPG, to name a few.

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Volunteer Services

“I keep volunteering because of the students. They are so smart and fun to be around. I love that they treat each other equally and don’t see differences. It’s refreshing.”Bob, after school volunteer

Volunteers make it possible for SAY to improve the lives of youth, families, and communities throughout the year. In the past year, 351 volunteers served an estimated 18,742 hours to support SAY.

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Ways to Give

"Families face challenges every day and sometimes you need a little help during a tough situation. I like how SAY provides so many ways to help and that's why we support them however we can." – Angie Velez, Banana Republic

Every contribution enables SAY to positively impact the community through direct services, prevention, advocacy, and outreach.


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